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February 19, 2019
Marshall Automation, a ‘Smart Manufacturing’ Firm From India, Opens Duluth USA Office
Marshall Automation, a ‘Smart Manufacturing’ Firm From India, Opens Duluth, USA Office
February 26, 2019
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MARSHALL’s Industry 4.0 (IIOT) Solution for CNC Machine Shops.

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CNC turning Machine tools are extensively used for making components for Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas,and Railways sectors. The managers & owners of machine shops face 3 ‘Pain Points’:

  • Hiring, training & retaining ‘
  • Meeting the high-quality demands of their customers (below 50 PPM defectives)
  • Low OEE of machines caused by frequent breakdowns & inefficient use.

The IIOT or Industry 4.0 movement has the objective of solving these problems and giving factories higher competitiveness& profits. Many companies are offering their versions of solutions, but the adaptation is low because the benefits do not match the costs.

MARSHALL has launched its proprietary Industry 4.0 solution SmartFAC which consists of five patent-applied modules which make it the most comprehensive solution available today. These modules are described below:

  • SmartCorrect: Ensures Zero Defect Components without dependence on skilled operator
  • SmartInsert: Ensures Optimised Tool Insert Life
  • SmartChek: Prevents breakdown of mechanical elements of the machine
  • SmartSens: Prevents failure of critical electrical & electronic parts of the machine
  • SmartCount: Optimises productivity by detecting & correcting stoppages & idle time.

SmartFAC is a cloud-based technology and is very easily accessible from anywhere around the world. The basic working principle comprises

  • Data Extraction from M/c and accessories
  • Transmission of Data to Cloud
  • Cloud-based Data Analytics
  • Time-bound instructions to concerned persons.

SmartFAC is complete Industry 4.0 solution which is comprehensive, simple to implement and delivers huge benefits at a nominal cost.

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