Our dedicated teams carry out research in fields as diverse as Structural Engineering, Vibration Damping, Fluid Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This research has not only led to the development of 'Smart' technologies like SmartCorrect, SmartInsert, SmartAct, SmartDamp, etc. but also to Marshall Machines receiving 3 Patents till now and 12 more filed and pending.
We constantly endeavour to think of innovations combining or modifying technologies to deliver value to our esteemed customers. This 'Innovative Spirit' results in the generation of a huge number of ideas, some of which are made into prototypes and the successful ones result in the birth of new products & technologies. Some of our innovations include:
- UBER & UNO Super-optimized CNC Turning Centres
- Patent filed products like SmartLoad, SmartFlow, SmartPlate, SmartBlok, MAIS, SmartChek, etc.
- ROBOTURN Flexi Cell
Our late founder Sh Gautam Sarup had a passion for workmanship. In the 1960's he learned the principles of precision machine tool building from masters like George Connolly, Dr. Schlesinger, Tulsty, etc. The present Directors learned these principles from our founder. In order to stay at the cutting edge, Marshall Machines entered into partnerships with SPINNER (Germany) from 2007-11 and with DOOSAN (S. Korea) from 2012-14. We have also made huge investments in training of our Engineers in S.Korea under a project to build machines jointly with Doosan. Marshall is one of the few machine builders in India where machine elements are 'Hand Scraped' to very high tolerances after machining on European Mother machines and the result is class-leading accuracy, repeatability & rigidity.
The reason we exist is to deliver solutions that deliver exceptional value to our esteemed customers and help in the transformation of their machine shops.

The first step is 'Problem Identification' on the customer shopfloor. This is followed by rigorous efforts by our Design & Application experts to find optimum solutions that deliver maximum value to our esteemed customers. Some of the solutions developed and implemented by us are:



Chips curling around Jobs & Tools

High-Pressure Coolant through SmartFlow

Loss of flowrate & pressure in Linear Tooling

SmartPlate, SmartBlok & SmartFlow

Operators not reporting accidents


Rejection due to Operator Error

SmartCorrect Gauging Stations

Time wastage during Tool Insert Change


Vibrations from one spindle affecting other spindle in a TWIN Machine


Wastage of time in loading/unloading

Rapidturn series

Preserving correct orientation of job after parting off from a bar


We derive the greatest satisfaction from the long term relationships that we have developed with hundreds of customers, big and small. To give a few examples:
- Our first customer in the FAN Industry has been buying machines from us every year from 2002 onwards
- Our first major Tier 1 customer in Gear manufacturing is now our biggest customer with 300+ machines working in 5 own locations & 2 sister companies
- Our first customer of Heavy Duty CNC Turning Centre in 2001 has more than 50 machines working and ordered 8 Nos. in 2019
- The first company to make LPG Valves on a CNC Lathe (Marshall Rapidturn SL-12D) in 2005, has ONLY Marshall Machines (60 Nos till date) and based on their feedback, Marshall has around 400 machines in the LPG Valve Industry
- One of the first customers of our ROBOTURN Automated Machines (After launch in 2013) now has Seven ROBOTURN Cells for diverse jobs and almost all our manually operated CNC turning models working in their plant


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