This is a twinturn (two in one machine) with an option of live turret on both sides or on a single side.This is the ideal solution for jobs which have a milling or drilling operation in one or two setups.The presence of a live turret gives flexibility while combining operations of a turning center and a VMC.
  • Reduction in  number of setups
  • Reduction in investment (1 VMC + 1 turning Center)
  • Faster tool change time
  • Saving in investment on fixtures for VMC
  • Saving in space (1 M/c instead of 2)
  • Future ready and easily automatable if required
There is also an option of having a live turret on one side especially in case where only small drilling application is there. The other side can have a simple turret. These turrets also have the ability of supplying high pressure coolant necessary for chip breaking and increased tool life which is important in case of automation.